Come on in!  Live as a modern-stone-age family as you enter the Dino-Cave.  Explore our new dinosaur exhibit.  Enter the cave with your little one and learn about the giants who roamed the Earth before they went extinct.



Puppet Theater

Lights!  Camera!  Puppets?  Enjoy a puppet show created by your little one.  Watch as they put together the show of a lifetime.  Laugh together as they do their best to put a smile on your face using the various puppets we have behind the curtains.


Tree House

What's this? A tree house in doors?  Let your kid become one with nature as they climb through the tree house and make their way to the slide at the end!


PBS Room

On April 10th, the permanent PBS KIDS exhibit room opened! The exhibit features multi-media interactive activities, games, books, and a rotating hands-on experiment type activity, all related to PBS KIDS educational content.